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What a Typical Model Looks Like

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Author: Camera Ready Models

What a Typical Model Looks Like

      Have I caught your attention? Good - Because I know that you're reading this article in hopes of learning what you should look like to succeed as a model. This could be good or bad news for you - It all depends on what you already had in mind. Whatever it was - you can just drop those assumptions right now.

      What a Real Model Looks Like

      In the past, we believed that in order to become a model, we needed to be pencil thin, Amazon tall, and porcelain smooth. Although these are good qualities to have - they don't define the typical model in today's times.

      Today, society embraces variety - an image that we can all identify with. We want to be able to flip through a magazine and see an image of someone that looks like our cousin Jessica - or our neighbor down the street.

      Product manufacturers know this and are searching for fresh new faces that help the consumer identify with the model who is advertising his wares. A consumer who identifies with a model just might pay a little more attention to the product that's being advertised.

      How You Can Cash In On This

      Knowing this - it's your time to shine. As long as you're healthy, you're as good as gold! Modeling agencies are now seeking people to promote products for the plus-size market, the baby market, the senior market, and especially the ethnic market. You can never be too old, too short, too large or too foreign.

      Our ideals of perfection have changed to embrace a wider rainbow and flavor of humanity. As America continues to grow as a melting pot, you now have an equal opportunity to model no matter what your nationality is (however you should note that non-Caucasian models are often cast as exotic).

      What Really Sells in Modeling

      There's no cause to worry if you truly happen to be pencil thin, Amazon tall, and porcelain smooth. These attributes only add to your potential for success. Just don't try to make these the most important parts of yourself - you're so much more than that!

      You have beautiful and healthy hair, a terrific smile, and bright eyes. You know how to stand up straight, communicate with the photographer, and strike a profitable pose! These qualities after all, are what separates the model who gets multiple call-backs from the model who continues to struggle and find a job.



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